Solebury Township

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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Solebury Township Municipal offices are located at 3092 Sugan Road, Solebury PA 18963.
Phone: 215‑297‑5656.

Home in the Lumberville Historic District

Solebury Township [†] abounds with assets that inspire its residents and attract visitors from throughout the mid‑Atlantic region. Residents enjoy a wide range of cultural, historic and natural resources. With gently rolling uplands, exquisite natural areas along stream valleys, scenic views of the Delaware River and Delaware Canal, beautiful farmsteads, historic villages, good schools, abundant open space, parks, and recreation facilities, and proximity to major metropolitan areas, Solebury is an attractive blend of rural and suburban landscapes providing the feeling of living history. Perhaps the most important asset however is the character and commitment of its residents who recognize this special place and who work hard to protect, preserve and manage its natural and historic resources.


Solebury Township continues to be predominantly rural, in spite of on-going suburban and exurban development. The underlying matrix of family farms and distinct village areas that characterize Solebury was determined by early agricultural and commercial activities over several centuries. Today, more than one-third of the land in the township remains agricultural; the majority of the remainder in single-family residential. Until recently, much if not most of the land in single-family residential use could still be characterized as rural, with relatively large lots and home sites tucked into the rural landscape. The residents of Solebury are concerned about protecting this character. While more than 50 percent of the respondents to the survey conducted as part of this comprehensive plan reported moving into the township within the last fifteen years, 43 percent of all respondents selected rural setting, open space, and scenic beauty as a principal reason for living in Solebury.

The rural landscape of Solebury is dotted with historical villages and crossroads hamlets. These include Aquetong, Carversville, , Cottageville, Lumberville, Phillips Mill, and Solebury. An eighth hamlet-like cluster is found at Cuttalossa, essentially an extension of the village of Lumberville, and a ninth on Old Windy Bush Road. The village of Lahaska in Buckingham Township also laps across the township line into Solebury. Some of Solebury's villages are clearly defined by natural or physical features; others have boundaries that are not so easily discerned. Villages and hamlets have evolved at relatively high densities and are critical elements in defining the overall rural character of the township.

Agricultural lands comprise more than 6,220 acres or more than a third of the land mass of Solebury Township. Land was considered agricultural wherever agriculture is a principal land use over broad landscapes, including lands with a residence on the same property, as well as areas of woodlots and old fields no longer farmed. Not included were woodlots, small tracts, or old fields that have been fragmented through subdivision and are no longer related to the original agricultural use.

Residential land uses account for more than 40 percent of Solebury Township, and fall into three subcategories - single family detached (including mobile home), multifamily, and rural residential. Single family detached and rural residential lots (single-family detached units on lots of 5 acres or more) dominate the housing stock. Mobile home uses are located on two small sites, one on Solebury Mountain Road and the other on the northwestern border adjacent to Plumstead.

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